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Biden administration imposes sanctions over DPRK weapons program******

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea was sanctioned by the United States on Wednesday for the first time under President Joe Biden over its weapons programs. The sanctions came after a series of DPRK missile launches, including two over the past week.。

US Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson said the sanctions followed the DPRK's six ballistic missile launches since September. Each, he said, had violated multiple UN Security Council resolutions.。

"Today's actions, part of the United States' ongoing efforts to counter the DPRK's weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs, target its continued use of overseas representatives to illegally procure goods for weapons," Nelson said.。

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Russia, hosting Taliban at international conference, calls for Afghan aid******

Russia called yesterday for international aid to support Kabul, as it hosted the Taliban at a major international conference on Afghanistan for the first time since the group regained power in August.

Pakistan, China, Iran, India and former Soviet Central Asian states joined Taliban officials at the Moscow meeting. But the United States stayed away, citing technical reasons, while saying that it could attend such talks in the future.

"We are convinced that it is time to mobilize the resources of the international community to provide Kabul with effective financial humanitarian support, including to prevent a humanitarian crisis and reduce migration flows," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters before the meeting.

Russia's initiative in hosting the talks is part of an effort to boost its influence in the region after the United States withdrew its forces from Afghanistan and the Taliban took control of the country. Lavrov said he regretted the absence of the United States from the talks.

Moscow is mainly concerned about the risk of instability in Central Asia, and possible migrant flows and Islamist militant activity directed from Afghanistan.

"We call on the Taliban movement – and we discussed this with their distinguished delegation – to prevent the use of Afghanistan's territory against third countries, most importantly neighbors," Lavrov said.

Russia fought its own disastrous war in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

And it has close military and political ties with former Soviet Central Asian states that border Afghanistan.

In his speech, Lavrov struck a noticeably conciliatory tone towards the Taliban government, which is still seeking international diplomatic legitimacy that would bolster its calls to unfreeze assets held in the West and let aid flow.

Preview: Pressure on Spanish trio in Tuesday's Champions League ties******

MADRID, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- Three Spanish sides play at home in the Champions League on Tuesday night in games they have no option but to win if they want to progress into the knockout stages of the competition.。

FC Barcelona play at home to Benfica in Xavi Hernandez's second game in charge knowing that anything other than a win against the Portuguese side is likely to see them knocked out of the tournament.。

Barca currently have two points more than the side that beat them 3-0 in their first meeting in the group stage, but with a visit to play Bayern Munich in the last group game, it's unlikely they will get anything in the last round of group matches.。

A win would take Barca five points clear and assure their place in the last 16, which is so important to their economy.。

Xavi is still without Ansu Fati, Martin Braithwaite, Sergino Dest and Pedri which limit his options of squad rotating and is again likely to put his faith in the club's youngsters.。

Villarreal are at home to Manchester United in a repeat of last season's Europa League final, with the two sides currently tied on seven points in their qualifying group, with Atalanta just two points behind.。

A win for either team would put them into the next round, but a draw would leave everything open until the last game.。

Manchester United travel with Michael Carrick in temporary charge after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked on Sunday in the wake of their 4-1 humiliation to Watford on Saturday and it's almost impossible to predict how they will play.。

United were dreadful in Watford and have been poor in a lot of games, but Villarreal will be worried that Solskjaer's departure will provoke a reaction from players who have been nowhere near their best form this season and the Spanish club will remember the disappointment of their last-minute defeat in Old Trafford in their first meeting.。

Sevilla are currently bottom of Group G, but still have a decent chance of qualifying given that they are just two points behind Tuesday's rivals Wolfsburg and second place Lille, who play group leaders RB Salzburg in a very close group. Enditem。






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