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Hungary stuns Poland in World Cup qualifiers******

WARSAW, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- Andreas Schafer and Daniel Gazdar led Hungary to a 2-1 victory over Poland in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers here on Monday, ending Poland's unbeaten record at the National Stadium in Warsaw since 2014.。

It was Schafer who broke the deadlock in the 37th minute as the midfielder's header from close range surprised Wojciech Szczesny.。

Poland responded 15 minutes after the break when Karol Swiderski left Hungary's goalkeeper Denes Dibusz with no chance on a header.。

However, the guests had the last word in the game. The team coached by Marco Rossi regained the advantage thanks to Gazdag's stunning shot with 10 minutes to go.。

Poland tried to find an equalizer in the closing stages, but were unable to threaten Dibusz's goal without their captain Robert Lewandowski, who was given a break from coach Paulo Sousa.。

The Polish side will play in the play-offs of the FIFA World Cup qualification as they finished second in Group I. Hungary was fourth. Enditem。



  据统计,全省791.6八万0-十七岁未成年人中,农村留守儿童10.3六万人,窘境儿童81.七万人。全省共确保遗孤490三人,客观事实无人养育儿童5971人。全省一共有儿童福利组织 18家,未成年人援助维护组织 23家(单设5家),儿童世家1950个,儿童督导员1416名,儿童负责人20149名。上年至今,全省根据执行“明日方案”共康复训练儿童1218例次,根据“助学金工程项目”共确保遗孤接纳高等职业教育1896人数;依次资金投入中间和省部级资产4.五亿元,完成了对全省农村留守儿童,客观事实无人养育儿童,遗孤,遗孤在校大学生,窘境儿童等确保与关怀。


  据了解,我国将落实绿色发展理念,坚持不懈儿童权益优先选择,尽早运行制订合乎省情的《〈未成年人保障法〉试行办法》,搭建更为技术专业,更高品质,更高效率的新时期未成年人维护和儿童福利工作中服务项目保障机制。与此同时,健全儿童福利保障机制,具体指导全国各地民政以儿童友好城市基本建设为突破口,健全窘境儿童归类确保现行政策,推动创建遗孤和客观事实无人养育儿童基本上生活保障规范依照是社会经济发展水准动态性提高体制。提升对艰难家中的病重,残废儿童基本上生活保障和重点援助,提高窘境儿童福利确保水准。推动儿童福利组织 抚养,诊疗,恢复,文化教育和社工一体化发展趋势。激励全国各地联系实际,健全公益性普慧儿童福利保障机制,将大量儿童列入制度保障范畴,享有现行政策福利。不断完善市,县,乡,村(小区)四级关怀维护互联网,提升市,县二级未保组织 ,城镇(街道社区)未保工作平台等能力建设,选配强强村(小区)儿童督导员,儿童负责人基层能量,织织牢牢儿童“安全防护网”。华商报新闻记者 李琳。



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America's notorious records of economic bullying******

US President Joe Biden signed on Thursday a piece of legislation alleged to ban imports from China's Xinjiang and impose so-called sanctions over debunked claims of forced labor, adding another testimony to America's long-lasting and detrimental economic bullying on the rest of the world.

From introducing high tariffs to imposing unilateral sanctions under the pretext of "national security," "democracy" or "human rights," the notorious records of the self-proclaimed free market economy have not only astounded and agitated the larger world, but also exposed America's own aberrant and maimed economic governance.

Uncontrolled "invisible hand"

Over the past decades, Neoliberalism, an ideology well serves the need for capital expansion, has been popular with US political and business elites, and has been broadly applied to America's economic governance.

During his inauguration address in 1981, then US President Ronald Reagan, who took a strong belief in Neoliberalism, said, "government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem." His policies of cuts in taxes and benefits, as well as encouragement of free competition, have posed a risk to the "invisible hand," leaving the US economy uncontrolled with ever-growing budget and trade deficits.

The US real economy has been increasingly hollowed out ever since the 1970s and 1980s, and this trend is going even further in the 21st century. Coupled with the implementation of Neoliberal policies in the United States is a more uneven distribution of the economic globalization dividend among different US industries and groups, which is very much miniatured in the sharp contrast between depressing lives in the Rust Belt region and absolute opulence in Wall Street.

The Economic Well-Being of US Households in 2020, a report published in May by the US Federal Reserve, showed that the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans control about 16 times more wealth than the bottom 50 percent.

Besides, according to an analysis by Oxford Economics, US households accumulated around 1.6 trillion US dollars in excess savings in the period between March 2020 and January 2021. But the top 20 percent of earners – and to a lesser extent, the second 20 percent – account for all the current accumulated cash.

"Transforming the US economy requires policymakers to recognize that markets cannot perform the work of government," US economist Heather Boushey wrote in late 2020 in an opinion piece.

Incompetent government regulation

In the face of pandemic-caused economic difficulties, policymakers should not only consider distribution justice to avoid social polarization, but also caution against partisan politics that might hijack economic policies.

However, unfortunately, the United States has been suffering both social inequality and poor efficiency in policymaking, adding pains to the nation which records the most positive COVID-19 cases.

Influenced by the rules of the capital-favored free market economic system, the US economic policies have long perferred the interests of the rich.

"Tax policy has favored the wealthy and corporations for decades," an opinion piece posted by The New York Times said, adding that "the Fed controls the flow of money, and it flows to the wealthy."

The top 1 percent of households received 75 percent of taxable long-term capital gains in 2019, and more than half went to the highest-income 0.1 percent of households, according to the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution.

Different interests of divided constituencies also drag down the efficiency of government regulations.

In Washington, partisan differences have been pronounced as politicians lobby to maximize the interests of their own constituency, which might block major law-making process aimed at benefiting the public.

On Sunday, Democrats have encountered a major setback as Democratic Senator Joe Manchin publicly stated he would vote "no" on Biden's landmark 2-trillion-dollar social spending bill, which, known as the Build Back Better Act, has witnessed months of negotiations among Democrats.

"There is a vicious cycle in which the market and the rules governing the market – the framework for politics itself – shifts in the direction of the wealthy and big corporations," Robert Reich, who served as Labor Secretary under former US President Bill Clinton, pointed out in an interview with The Sunday Magazine.

In Reich's view, if great wealth of a society is concentrated in the hands of a few, democracy will inevitably be corrupted.

As such a hypothesis becomes reality in US politics, it is unlikely for the government to produce policies in a fair, effective and consistent manner.

Addiction to meddling global economy

While domestically beset by yawning social inequality and belated economical regulations or policies, some ill-minded US politicians have been seeking to shift the burden by interfering with or bullying its trading partners, including China.

In the names of the decoupling plan, the "China Initiative" and "entity list," as well as tariff tools, Washington has been addicted to economic sanctions and overused its financial hegemony, becoming the biggest violator of free trade and market rules.

Over recent years, in contrast to its long-proclaimed rules of free market economy and international trade norms, the White House has abused state power under the pretext of national security to restrain and suppress Chinese enterprises, regardless of their contributions to the US economic growth.

So far, hundreds of Chinese institutions and companies have been added to the US "entity list" of export controls.

Commenting on Washington's administrative attack upon Chinese companies, Samm Sacks, a senior cybersecurity policy fellow at Yale Law School's Paul Tsai China Center and New America, said it sets a dangerous precedent in which the US government can blacklist companies based on country of origin using blanket national security as justification.

History of economic governance has proved that interfering in trading partners amid adversities is not only helpless to improve one's domestic economic resilience or sustain its development momentum, but also suppresses innovation, undermines global supply chains and disrupts international trade orders.

If Washington persists in bullying trading partners, such policy will boomerang on the US economy itself, as well as casting a shadow over the recovery of the world economy.

Eight things to know about COVID******

BEIJING, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- The first Playbook that explains anti-COVID-19 measures to be observed for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games was released on Monday.

This Playbook serves as the basis of the game plan to ensure that all Games participants and the people of China stay safe and healthy. Here are eight key points that all Games participants should know about the Playbook.


The Playbook has been developed jointly by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2022, the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee.

The Playbook has two versions, one for athletes and team officials, and another applies for other stakeholders, referring to International Federations (IFs), marketing partners, workforce, broadcasters, press, and the Olympic and Paralympic Family.

As the Playbook emphasizes, the vaccination policy, a "closed-loop" management system and regular testing are among the vital elements that will enable the Games to take place safely.


Participants are considered to be fully vaccinated according to the regulations of their country of residence at least 14 days prior to their departure to China, or if not eligible for full vaccination due to proven recent infection.

"Anyone who was not fully vaccinated will normally need to quarantine for 21 days upon arrival in Beijing. For athletes and team officials, exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis based on medical reasons," introduced Wang Quanyi, deputy director of Public Health Office of the Games Service Department of the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee (BOCOG).


As the Playbook specifies, a closed loop system will be applied during Games participants' entire stay in China.

Within the closed loop, Games participants travelling to Beijing (and domestic staff in regular contact with other Games participants) will only be allowed to circulate in dedicated vehicles between permitted destinations (such as Games venues, accommodation facilities, and dining facilities).

"The closed loop will not restrict participants' free activities in the big 'bubble', and we'll provide local cuisine as well as other leisure facilities in the 'bubble'," said Huang Chun, deputy director general of the Pandemic Prevention and Control Office at the BOCOG.


In order to better prevent and control the spread of COVID-19, every participant within the closed loop system is required to have daily screening tests for COVID-19 and wear a face mask (KN95, N95, FFP2, or equivalent standard) during the Games.

"The principle is to protect everyone from being infected," noted Xu Zhen, a researcher of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

There will be sampling collection sites available 24/7 at specific venues including participants' accommodation site, where medical personnel will take throat swabs.

"Through daily testing, anyone who has the COVID-19 virus will be identified as early as possible," added Xu. "The system with strict protocols will allow everyone, including athletes, press and other stakeholders in the closed-loop, to perform the day-to-day activities essential to their roles during the Games."


What protocols will be conducted if a confirmed positive test result is found in the closed loop system?

As Xu explained, positive cases will be processed according to their symptoms. "The one with symptoms will be transferred to a dedicated hospital for treatment, and the asymptomatic ones will be asked to isolate in other dedicated facilities or at his or her accommodation (As the IOC proposed, it would be better if asymptomatic persons can isolate in hospitals as well).


The Playbook also requires Games participants to continue to monitor their health and check their temperature for 14 days after leaving China.

"The Playbook asked for 14 days of health monitoring before participants' departure to China, as well as after leaving China," said Wang. "If any positive case is found, CLO of every delegation groups will give us feedback, which is responsible for the full-range participation of Games for all."


The Playbook is applicable to the Paralympic Winter Games. Adjusted rules and principles are included in the Playbook under due consideration for participants in the Paralympic Games.

"For those who need to communicate by lip reading, they can take off face masks temporarily. Besides, disability-friendly facilities such as wheelchairs will be equipped for participants in need. Volunteers will also be available to offer help if needed," noted Huang Chun.

Huang said that if any Paralympian had a confirmed positive test, relevant accompanying members would be allowed to hospital for treatment or to the isolation facility, according to the Playbook.

As for room service in the closed-loop-system hotels, the hotels will provide various foods with different price levels, to avoid possible financial burdens with high prices. The hotels in the closed loop will provide emergency services such as a purchase service outside the closed loop. In hospitals and isolated facilities, there will be English speakers who can provide health service and mental health support.

8. Playbook 2.0

The second edition of the Playbook series is expected to be released in the near future.

"The first Playbook aims to notice the Games participants about what they should do before the Games. More detailed information will be added to the second version," said Huang. "We will further refine the Playbook according to the test series currently running in Beijing and make adjustments based on the global situation as well as relevant countries' counter-COVID-19 policies." Enditem

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