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Germany coach Flick ahead of delicate decision due to COVID******

By Oliver Trust。

BERLIN, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- Germany coach Hansi Flick is far from happy, possibly having to make a delicate decision for the upcoming year.。

COVID-19 infection numbers are growing in international sports, and the German coach might have to consider only appointing fully vaccinated players.。

Around the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Liechtenstein (9-0) in Wolfsburg on Thursday night, the pandemic's effects caught up on Joachim Low's successor.。

"I have to think about how we deal with this topic," the former Bayern coach said after five of his players had to leave the team headquarters for quarantine after a positive test of fully vaccinated Bayern defender Niklas Sule.。

Serge Gnabry, Karim Adeyemi, Jamal Musiala, and Joshua Kimmich were sent home as first-degree contacts of Sule indicates and the quartet until now refused to be vaccinated.。

According to German health rules, non-vaccinated persons have to attend quarantine for at least seven days despite a negative test.。

While the German association referred to data privacy, not clarifying the players' vaccination status, increasing problems in football came to light.。

"I hope we don't face this problem again, having to send five players home due to COVID-19," Flick said.。

The German coach mentioned vaccination isn't mandatory in Germany. "But we all are role models for many people. For me taking the jab is the only way to control the pandemic."

A coach prefers all players to be vaccinated, he added.。

Flick might have thought about similar incidents possibly creating turbulences in the weeks ahead of Qatar 2022.。

While only vaccinated or recovered fans were allowed in the Wolfsburg arena, like in several German stadiums, employees in Germany can rely on the three-G model according to worker rights. They either need to take the jab, provide a recovery document, or a negative test.。

Like any other professional sport, football enjoys a prominent position, Flick said, setting a new starting record as a German coach. He mentioned football's responsibility after his sixth consecutive victory.。

Not only does the association need to make a decision but clubs such as Bayern Munich.。

The Bavarians so far only announced they favor vaccinations of their players but refused to demand it as compulsory.。

While German athletes competing at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are fully vaccinated, German club football suffers from several protagonists refusing it.。

Several clubs have to deal with players, not available for competition in the Bundesliga due to quarantine orders after being tested positive.。

Bayern will intensify talks with players about the topic. Media talk of club concerns of possibly having to run games in the Champions League without the best squad.。

Flick is annoyed by the turbulences after he was forced to change his squad and skip training sessions and team meetings.。

"We had other plans as we currently meet for the last games in 2021," Flick stated while his predecessor and 2014 World Champion coach Low enjoyed the warm applause of 26000 fans for his official farewell.。

The coach can't be happy about the latest development and Oliver Bierhoff's nebulous statement. The national team manager said: "We might have to live with the players' decision." As it seems, not only Flick has a problem with that attitude. Enditem。

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Russia to send Japanese tycoon to ISS in return to space tourism******


A specialist watches as the Soyuz MS-20 spacecraft for the new International Space Station crew is lifted to the launchpad ahead of its upcoming launch, at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, on Sunday. Russia will send Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to the International Space Station tomorrow.。

Russia will send Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to the International Space Station tomorrow in a move marking Moscow's return to the now booming space tourism business after a decade-long break.。

One of Japan's richest men, Maezawa, 46, will blast off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan accompanied by his assistant Yozo Hirano.。

On Sunday morning, their Soyuz spacecraft with a Japanese flag and an "MZ" logo for Maezawa's name was moved onto the launch pad in unusually wet weather for Baikonur.。

The mission will end a decade-long pause in Russia's space tourism program that has not accepted tourists since Canada's Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberte in 2009.。

However, in a historic first, the Russian space agency Roscosmos in October sent actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko to the ISS to film scenes for the first movie in orbit in an effort to beat a rival Hollywood project.。

Maezawa's launch comes at a challenging time for Russia as its space industry struggles to remain relevant and keep up with Western competitors in the modern space race.。

Last year, American firm SpaceX of billionaire Elon Musk ended Russia's monopoly on manned flights to the ISS after it delivered astronauts to the orbiting laboratory in its Crew Dragon capsule.。

This, however, also freed up seats on Russia's Soyuz rockets that were previously purchased by NASA allowing Moscow to accept fee-paying tourists like Maezawa.。

Their three-seat Soyuz spacecraft will be piloted by Alexander Misurkin, a 44-year-old Russian cosmonaut who has already been on two missions to the ISS.。

The pair will spend 12 days aboard the space station where they plan to document their journey for Maezawa's YouTube channel with more than 750,000 subscribers.。

The tycoon is the founder of Japan's largest online fashion mall and the country's 30th richest man, according to Forbes.。

"I am almost crying because of my impressions, this is so impressive," Maezawa said in late November after arriving at Baikonur for the final days of preparation.。

Maezawa and Hirano have spent the past few months training at Star City, a town outside Moscow that has prepared generations of Soviet and Russian cosmonauts.。

多摄组合怎么用?教你用荣耀Magic3 Pro拍大片******

  现阶段,越来越多的手机采用了多颗摄像头组成拍摄模组,但是在日常的使用上,除了主摄之外,部分用户往往不知道手机上的其他摄像头还有什么样的用法。那么接下来的内容,我们以荣耀Magic3 Pro为例,看看多摄组合能发挥怎么样令人惊喜的实力。

  荣耀Magic3 Pro采用了5000万主摄(1/1.56英寸,f/1.9光圈、IMX 766)+6400万黑白镜头(f/1.8光圈)+6400万长焦镜头(3.5倍光学变焦,OIS+EIS双重防抖,1/2英寸底)+1300万超广角微距(f2.2光圈)的多主摄组合,可实现10倍混合变焦和最高100倍的数字变焦。荣耀Magic3 Pro配备了8×8 dToF激光对焦系统,最多可获得64个区域的深度信息,有效提升对焦速度和准确性。荣耀Magic3 Pro还内置了HONOR Image Engine图像引擎,能进一步提升算法优化效率和效果,发挥影像方面的能力,并且在近期荣耀推出的OTA升级中,还进一步获得了多主摄融合计算摄影的能力,使得成像质量有了进一步的提升。


  一开头我们讲过荣耀Magic3 Pro进一步获得了多主摄融合计算摄影能力,拥有全镜头全焦段融合的新体验。那么荣耀此次获得的多主摄融合计算摄影能力升又能在实际的使用上带来什么样的提升?接下来让我们一起通过对比来进行了解。

  我们进行拍摄的时候,荣耀Magic3系列的多主摄融合计算摄影能力会根据不同的场景需求进行一系列的AI智能叠加计算,通过将多个摄像头采集到的信息进行对比利用,进一步通过AI进行处理,能使拍摄的画质有进一步的提升。并且得益于荣耀Mgaic3 系列出色的AI和算力表现,画面进行融合后的过渡十分自然,并且在拍摄时近乎做到无感体验。


  我们用荣耀Magic3 Pro的实拍对比来进一步感受荣耀Magic3系列多主摄融合计算摄影能力所带来的提升。

  这一环节我们选取了同样的场景,进行拍摄的对比。荣耀Magic3 Pro的主摄因为本身素质较高的关系,默认无开启融合。我们需要在高像素模式中开启6400万融合才会开启多主摄融合。在多主摄融合拍摄的情况下,我们通过遮挡除彩色主摄外的其他摄像头进行对比。

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro主摄融合 未遮挡(放大100%)

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro主摄融合 遮挡(放大100%)

  荣耀Magic3 Pro的主摄在开启多主摄融合计算后有着更进一步的提升,能记录下更多的细节。而在其他的焦段中,荣耀Magic3 Pro会自动进行多主摄融合计算,带来更好的画面效果,接下来让我们再看几张从短焦段到长焦段的多主摄融合计算对比表现。

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro短焦段 未遮挡其他镜头效果(放大125%)

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro短焦段 遮挡其他镜头效果(放大125%)

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro长焦段 未遮挡其他镜头效果(放大125%)

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro长焦段 遮挡其他镜头效果(放大125%)



  相信看完了荣耀Magic3系列上配备的多主摄融合计算摄影能力,大家能对荣耀Magic3 系列上配备的多颗摄像头有了更进一步的了解。那么这么多的摄像头都可以在什么样场景能有更加出彩的表现呢?让我们接着往下看。


  在日常的拍摄上,用户通常用的最多的镜头就是主摄了。荣耀Magic3 Pro的主摄在日常的拍摄上,就有不错的表现,能有效的满足用户日常的记录需求,拍摄出具备不错质感的内容。例如以下的这些样张中我们就可以看到荣耀Magic3 Pro出色的表现力。

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 主摄默认

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 主摄默认

  我们可以看到,荣耀Magic3 Pro的主摄对天空、树木的色彩进行了很好的还原,并且提升了一些色彩饱和度使观感更加出色。与此同时,荣耀Magic3 Pro的主摄对于天空高光和建筑物的高光进行了一定的压制,能使云彩、建筑物细节轮廓更加明显,整体动态处于不错的水平。

  荣耀Magic3 Pro的主摄拍摄效果相当出色,色彩有很好的还原度、画面具有较高的动态范围,这得益于荣耀Magic3系列多主摄融合计算摄影技术,其通过多光谱Sensor和AI AWB算法加持将色彩信息和细节信息进行较好的保留还原,带来了更好的呈现效果。对于日常的影像记录,荣耀Magic3 Pro的主摄就能很好地满足用户的需求。

  除了出色的主摄外,荣耀Magic3 Pro上也配备了其他焦段的摄像头,这些不同的焦段又能具体发挥到什么样的作用?让我们参考一下单反等设备,大部分使用者都会配备多个镜头来满足不同场景的拍摄。以标准的135全幅相机为例,12mm是一颗超广角镜头,适合拍摄开阔的风光大片等场景。35mm是一颗经典的人像、人文焦段镜头,有着小广角之称。50mm由于较为接近人类的眼镜焦距,是一款较为经典的人文、“万金油”镜头。85mm是一颗中长焦的镜头,在拍摄人物特写、较大布局的人物抓拍等情况都有较为出色的表现,并且能营造更进一步的空间压缩感;不同焦段的镜头组合可以让用户根据不同的场景需求拍摄更加出彩的内容。荣耀Magic3 Pro上配备的不同焦段镜头也能让用户根据不同的场景进行更有针对性的调度,实现更好的拍摄记录。

  我们以几个场景进行举例,一起了解荣耀Magic3 Pro配备的多摄像头在什么样的场景下能带来更进一步的表现。

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 超广角拍摄

  荣耀Magic3 Pro的超广角镜头能扩大内容的收录范围,在这一个场景中,如果用户需要拍摄更加宽阔的视野,营造更广阔的效果,就可以启用到超广角镜头进行拍摄,将视野进一步提升。

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 超广角拍摄

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 超广角拍摄

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 超广角拍摄

  通过荣耀Magic3 Pro超广角镜头的收录,我们可以拍摄出视野更加宽阔的内容,对于内容进一步的收录能营造出更加震撼的视觉观感,带来更惊艳的视觉冲击力。除此之外,用户还可以利用超广角镜头视野更加广阔的特性,拍摄出更加具有创意性的视觉效果。

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 超广角微距

  荣耀Magic3 Pro 的超广角镜头还承担了微距的功能,用户在拍摄细微物体时,可以通过切换到超广角镜头进行微距的拍摄。通过上面的图片我们可以发现,荣耀Magic3 Pro有不错的微距拍摄表现,植物上面细微的绒毛都能被清晰的记录。


  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 广角拍摄

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 3.5倍长焦拍摄

  从上面两张内容我们可以看到,用广角拍摄时,画面中会出现较多的信息,画面显得较为凌乱,并不能准确的对中部主体进行呈现拍摄。在切换到荣耀Magic3 Pro的3.5倍长焦进行拍摄后,能进一步压缩空间,凸显出主体,有效排除画面中其他信息的干扰。

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 广角拍摄

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 3.5倍长焦拍摄

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 广角拍摄

  △荣耀Magic3 Pro 3.5倍长焦拍摄

  长焦镜头能带给我们更进一步的空间压缩感,使得画面主体有更强呈现。长焦镜头在对于景物的主体拍摄,或者是人物的特写都是极为适合的。荣耀Magic3 Pro配备的3.5倍长焦镜头就能带给用户非常好的使用体验。

  可以看到,荣耀Magic3 Pro上配备的实用性极强的多摄组合方案,广角镜头、超广角镜头、长焦镜头都能很好的满足用户的场景需求。我们可以通过短片进一步感受到荣耀Magic3 Pro多摄组合所带来的优秀体验。

  由远及近的镜头焦点切换是很多电影常用的手法,通过从宽广远景逐步拉近到主体,能进一步吸引观众的注意力,对画面主体进行更进一步的刻画描写。荣耀Magic3 Pro所配备的多摄组合在进行录制时就可以的实现焦点推进效果,对于喜欢拍摄内容的朋友来说会有非常好的帮助。

  借助于多摄组合,荣耀Magic3 Pro也能进行两种视角内容的同时录制,可以一方面展现内容主体,一方面对细节进行更进一步的介绍或者进行其他的画面运用。









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