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Nicholas Burns approved as China envoy by US Senate******


In this file photo taken on October 20, Nicholas Burns testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing on his nomination to be Ambassador to China on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.。

The US Senate on Thursday confirmed veteran diplomat Nicholas Burns as ambassador to Beijing, filling a position vacant for more than a year.。

The Senate reached the key 50-vote threshold to approve Burns in an ongoing confirmation that took place after Senator Marco Rubio lifted objections. The final vote was 75-18.。

President Joe Biden nominated Burns in August, more than half a year into his term.。

"If you're looking for a bipartisan person to put in a position, this is your guy," said Jim Risch, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.。

"He's done an outstanding job, has an outstanding reputation amongst the cadre of ambassadors."

The 65-year-old served as the State Department's No. 3 official under former President George W. Bush and as the spokesperson of the department under Bill Clinton.。

Burns retired from the Foreign Service in 2008 and became a professor at Harvard University.。

Trump's ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, resigned in October 2020 to help the Republican president's campaign against Biden.。

Feature: College team's foray in China's pro basketball league******

By sportswriters Su Bin and Wang Jingyu。

BEIJING, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC) United Team is set to stand out in the new Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) season, as it is the only squad composed entirely of college students.。

Featuring 16 student players, the FUSC United Team is one of 18 outfits set to feature in the 2021-22 WCBA season which begins on Sunday.。

The chosen 16 come from six universities, with Beijing Normal University providing as many as 10 players. The rest are selected from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Sichuan Normal University and China University of Mining and Technology.。

In addition to their basketball commitments, these players also have to attend academic classes and do their homework, unlike their professional counterparts who can spend their free time at leisure.。

Liu Yutong, a senior majoring in physical education at Beijing Normal University, is one of two FUSC players to have featured in China's national team at the Tokyo Olympics earlier this year.。

Also pursuing a double degree in education, Liu found it important to strike the right balance between her studies and training for the WCBA league being held in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province.。

"We cannot abandon our studies, but playing in the WCBA league is also an opportunity that we can't miss," said Liu, who recalled her excitement at being given the chance to play in the professional league.。

"It's not often that we can compete with these pros, so I cherish this learning opportunity for my future development," she added.。

Liu and her teammates are required to submit their homework every day, and spend up to three hours every evening communicating online with their teachers and fulfilling their academic commitments.。

"Many students are confronted with issues such as obtaining certificates and completing enough credits, and some players here have to finish their curriculums online," said team leader Zhao Xing, also director of the FUSC's Project Department.。

Li Sunnan, head coach of the FUSC, said that despite not previously being familiar with each other, his players were focused in the training camp and have showcased their qualities as college student players.。

"We hope to integrate everyone into this team as soon as possible," he commented. "We want to display and improve our level, and have our players concentrate on every possession in every minute on the court."

According to Zhao, the FUSC has been tasked with recruiting players in preparation for the World University Games since 2005, and the FUSC United Team is likely to represent China at next year's Universiade in Chengdu.。

"We have a chance of securing a medal in the women's category at the Universiade," Zhao said confidently. "We hope to test our team through high-level competitions, and the WCBA league is a good opportunity for us to do so."

According to the WCBA league, the FUSC United Team will only compete in the regular season and will not be ranked in the overall standings.。

"We hope that before the start of the Universiade, our players can become familiar with each other and the coaching staff can figure out specific tactics based on their characteristics," Zhao noted.。

Zhao expressed his wishes that the FUSC United Team's foray in the WCBA league would allow more people to realize the importance of the college basketball league in bridging the gap between youth basketball and the professional league.。

"More teenage players will become aware that they can also play in the professional league while studying at university, and universities can nurture quality players as well," he commented.。

Therefore, their results in the coming WCBA season will not be a top priority for these young guns, said Li.。

"What we are striving for is ensuring that everyone in this team plays at her best level, and improves her overall capabilities at every moment," he said.。

Liu echoed her coach's opinion, saying that she hopes to develop her skills and game-reading vision by competing against professional players.。

"The more difficulties I face, the more lessons I will learn," she said. Enditem。

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CBA Roundup: Ningbo claims first win, Shanxi thrashes Beijing******

ZHUJI, China, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- The young Ningbo Rockets earned their first win after smashing the Nanjing Monkey Kings 108-92 while the Shanxi Loongs completed a double-kill against the Beijing Royal Fighters after a 105-94 victory in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) here on Saturday.。

Before the game tipped off, Ningbo was the tailender of the league on a 12-match winless streak, and Nanjing ranked the second to last.。

Led by Sun Mingyang and Sun Rongxiao, Nanjing started the game with an 8-0 dash, while veteran Zhang Biao stood out to help Ningbo catch up from behind, with an 11-3 answer. Nanjing ended the first quarter with only a one-point lead.。

However, Nanjing was caught in a three-minute scoring drought in the beginning of the second quarter. Although Wang Xu broke the predicament with a three-pointer for Nanjing, the team could not reverse the momentum in the rest of the first half which ended 53-41.。

The third quarter was a seesaw matchup at first as both teams found their rhythm, but as Ningbo rode on a 13-0 scoring run in the midway of the quarter, the young team made it a lopsided game.。

Zhang Biao shot down a game-high 25 points for Ningbo, and his teammate C.J. Trotter contributed a triple-double of 14 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists. Wang Xu scored 25 points, plus six rebounds and five assists for Nanjing.。

"The first win is very important for the young players in our team," Zhang said after the game, adding that they could win the battle because they had a perfect execution of the game plan.。

Shanxi built a 16-point advantage over Beijing in the half of the game, leaving little chance for their rivals to catch up.。

Three players scored over 20 points for Shanxi, led by Yuan Shuai's 28. Kahlil Felder also contributed 25 points and 16 assists.。

Also on Saturday, the Shenzhen Aviators had a big reversal over the Shanghai Sharks 118-108, while the Zhejiang Golden Bulls cruised past the Sichuan Blue Whales 111-81. Enditem。








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